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“When a group of Law students wanted to know how to spot a liarthey called Jayne Lybrand; When a major insurance company wanted to teach their executives how to screen job applicantsthey called Jayne Lybrand; and when a national wire serviced wanted to know who won the Presidential Debatethey called Jayne Lybrand.”


 Anderson College Echoes, Anderson University

Jayne singers to regain their range, control their vibrato & pitch, and sustain tones effortlessly. She teaches them to dig deep and feel and visualize every word and lyric that they sing.

Personable, attractive, and witty, Jayne Lybrand has achieved international acclaim as a Communications Consultant, “American Body Language” Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Author, Television Personality, & Stage-Presence/Vocal Coach to the Stars. 

Jayne helps enhance the resonance and clarity of diction in your speaking voice. She prepares people to concisely explain their uniquness and establish a connection during an interview.






Every area I work in whether it is as an author, or vocal coach is to encourage and give specific instructions to people with a God given gift to take their career or life to the next level. In working with singers, I try to get their voices where they connect emotionally through the recording without having to even see them. I want them to dig deep and feel and visualize every word of the lyric to be real and honest. I teach you don't wear the are the song!


My techniques in vocal coaching are advanced and assists the singer to sing in a manner that helps protect their larynx from damage. I don't encourage laryngeal surgery unless it is life threatening. I teach experienced singers to regain control of their vibrato and range....and singers of all ages to sing where the more they sing the better they sing.


Originally, I only worked with artists who had record deals until I was asked to work with LeAnn Rimes and Steve Holy before they were signed to Curb. Other artists I have coached or helped connect to new markets are: Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, The Oak Ridge Boys, Terri Gibbs,Maren Morris, Jeff Allen, Kaci Brown Dozier, Rachel Bradshaw, The Cruse Family & many more.


I realized without my total artist development, that most singers had no way to know what was necessary to succeed. I am so blessed to do what I do. I am a walking miracle, I feel the Lord has thrown incredible talented people in my lap... to groom, inspire, and build their total self confidence.

Who Is Jayne?


Personable, attractive, and witty, Jayne Brannon Lybrand has achieved international acclaim as a Communications Consultant, “American Body Language” Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Author, Columnist, Television Personality, and Stage-Presence & Vocal Coach to the Stars. She has been compared to Lucille Ball, Dolly Parton and Dr. Joyce Brothers, all wrapped up into one.


For ten years, Jayne was Director of Student Activities at one the largest Junior Colleges in Texas. She is the founder and President of Jayne Lybrand Associates, a three-fold organization consisting of: The Image Factory, school for recording artist and public speaking development; Jayne Lybrand School of Communication & Motivation; Limited-Exclusive Personal Artist Career and Image Consultant.  In her “spare time” Jayne became a speaker with a lecture schedule of over 150 dates a year, her busiest months speaking over 20 dates—appearing in a different state every day!


During this constant touring, Jayne had her own company, building, limousine, with over 14 employees, had her own line of cosmetics, acoustic mirrored semi circle stage for coaching,…managed two recording artists, with her daughter in college and her mother bed-ridden in a nursing home.


The entire senior class of the State University of New York (Genesee Campus) picketed to have Jayne Lybrand as their Commencement Speaker. Afterwards, the Chancellor said the script of her address was the most requested in the history of the University.


Jayne was chosen to showcase for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) in Acapulco, Mexico. Jayne has keynoted at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville several times to address the National Karaoke Championships; the last time Jayne Lybrand and the late Music Legend Buddy Killen, were the keynote speakers. To date, Jayne has delivered over 1500 lectures and seminars for Fortune 500 Corporations, law schools, community centers, and college campuses. Her credits include IBM, Coca-Cola, Amway Corporation, American Bankers Association, and Volkswagen.

The National Association For Campus Activities (NACA) has nominated Jayne Lybrand for Lecturer of the Year for four consecutive years. Jayne has shared the award ballot with other well-known personalities including Maya Angelou, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Vincent Price, Ralph Nader and Yakov Smirnoff. The Chronicle of Higher Education has recognized Jayne as one of the “Top Ten Most Booked Acts” on college campuses in America.


As a specialist in non-verbal communication, CEO’s and politicians have called upon Jayne to teach them how to project a positive, open image that the public will admire and trust. She has also critiqued the candidates’ gestures in four of the past Presidential Elections for both Cable News Network (CNN) and United Press International (UPI). She critiqued and called the winners correctly in April, months before the debates and elections.


Jayne co-hosted the cable television show, “Joyful Praise.” Her TV appearances include: CNN’s “Take-Two” hosted by Katie Couric (during the Carter/Reagan debates), “WSM Noon Show,” “Good Morning Buffalo” and hundreds of other news and talk shows nationwide.


Her first radio interview in Nashville with the respected radio host, Al Voecks, on the Grand Ole’ Opry station WSM, blocked the telephone lines with listeners wanting to ask her questions.  He and the public could not understand how Jayne could talk about Body Language on the radio. Jayne Lybrand was personally requested by Jim Fogelsong, former president of MCA Records and Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee, to work with Terri Gibbs (“Somebody’s Knocking,” MCA Records). Although Terri was completely sight impaired, Jayne taught her sighted gestures and facial expressions that drastically changed her live stage performance.


Jayne Lybrand holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Speech Communication, and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Speech Communication from Texas Christian University, with special studies in the anatomy and physiology of the musculature of the larynx. Jayne also has advanced studies at the University of North Texas. Jayne Lybrand was the youngest vocalist accepted by legendary vocal coach Dr. Sarle Brown, Dean of the Music School at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jayne studied with Dr. Brown for over ten years.


 Here are just a few of the themes Jayne Lybrand addresses with both humor and insight:  “American Body Language”, “Self Esteem Without Plastic Surgery”, “Communication with Those You Love and Other Critters”, “How To Lead and Still Be Liked” and “Out Of A Job And Scared?”, “ Taking Control of Your Career and Life”.


Currently, Jayne trains recording artists and speakers to use their voice in a healthy way. She has an emphasis in helping professional singers regain their range, control their vibrato & pitch, and sustain tones effortlessly. Her desire is to help singers or speakers to maintain their vocal "fingerprint" while they increase their range and power without pushing.


 “[Jayne Lybrand’s] image is polished, every word, sigh, and movement is used for the best effect. When she is in front of an audience, she’s not only a lecturer, she’s an entertainer, actress, comic, and creator, capturing her audience in the palm of her hand,” says Lisa Arrigo, Intelligencer Staff Writer, The Daily Intelligencer.


























Speaking in Public and fear of Flying are the two most feared situations for most people! Jayne is available in group or one on one personal guidance, with use of video and audio recording to help you see yourself as you are. This program also reaps benefits in acing a big job interview!

+ Learn to think on your feet without going blank and freezing

+ Overcoming Stage-Fright

+ Learning to enjoy the sound of your voice

+ Become a champion at telling interesting stories in a concise and if needed witty or heart felt manner

+ Define the Topic you want to speak on

+ Creating your publicity packet

+ How to Book Speeches for experience Testing the Waters…to finally getting PAID!

+ Connect with audience (do your research and zero into topics you care about and topics you have experienced wanting to share your wisdom with others)

+ Define whether you are a humorist, informer, persuasion or all of these types of speakers in one

+ Gathering Testimonials. Build a Data Base

+ Speak for Free till you can Speak for Fee


Speaking for Free until you can Speak For FEE!

Erase the Fear of Public Speaking Whether from a Podium to the Boardroom

Jayne Lybrand the "Human Potential Coach"


Tel: 817.267.9086 (studio)     817.715.4880 (cell)

Monday - Saturday    1pm - 11pm

Sunday                        3pm - 11pm


For Vocal Sessions, Workshops, Lectures


Call Jayne at 817.267.9086 (studio), send a text to 817.715.4880 (cell),

or fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling!

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